Key Priorities


Our land-use rules have also created persistent traffic problems. The city's rules have pushed people to live further and further out in search of homes, leading to long commutes and lots of traffic. If we could get even a small number of people to live closer to work, schools, places of worship, and everything else, they wouldn't have to drive, freeing up the road for those who really do need to drive.


Climate Change

Our dependency on cars has sped up climate change. We need to both electrify the current fleet of cars and reduce our dependency on them. Letting people live closer to where they work will lower our carbon footprint while we switch our transit to battery electric vehicles. Letting people live closer to their workplace will also make it easier for people to get out of their cars and walk, bus, or bike to work.


To afford the average home in Kirkland today, you need about twice the average household income of Kirkland. We need to create more options for people to buy a home to raise their family without reducing homeowners' property values. The Community Council has stood in the way of progress on this issue and I want to change that.

Lake View

Quality of Life

Traffic, pollution, and the amount of space people can afford to call their own all have huge impacts on our quality of life. But our city government is more focused on making new homes look better than making our quality of life better.


Our single-use land use regulations have prevented most of us from being able to walk to just about anywhere we'd want to go. Legalizing Accessory Commercial Units (ACU) would let small businesses improve our neighborhoods by bringing the stores we like closer to home. Their small size will prevent them from drawing too much traffic and the income they generate will allow people on fixed incomes to stay in their homes when they would otherwise be forced out by property taxes. Additionally, many streets have no sidewalks, forcing residents to walk in the road, we need to fix that.